From Learning to Leading: Join my journey @ Chat JPT


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Welcome to my inaugural post of Chat JPT, where I'm embarking on an exciting, albeit kinda scary, self-development journey in the realm of technology, and I hope to take you along for the ride! As a lifelong learner deeply passionate about data engineering, automation, solution architecture, most recently AI, and just overall making things for others that make their lives easier, I've decided it's time to put myself out there and dive headfirst into the tech world. As my career has mostly been in higher education, most of my demos will contain a higher ed twist.

Through this blog, I aim to share my experiences, insights, and the highs and lows of this adventure. Join me in this fun and dynamic sandbox and maybe...just maybe...this blog with inspire someone out there looking to embrace their own growth journey.

I am also mostly a Microsoft fanboy, so you will probably find more about #Azure, #PowerPlatform, #Fabric, #CoPilot, and #Microsoft365 here than other tools, but I definitely plan to explore other things like Supabase, AstroJS, Vercel, Docker, AWS, TailwindCSS, ReactNative, and AppWrite too.

Join will be fun. And LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel below.